Budget Revote Information

The IN PERSON Budget Revote will be held from noon to 8pm in the Elementary School Lobby using paper ballots, appropriate Social Distancing, and will follow the latest guidance from the NYS DOH

Budget postcards announcing the IN PERSON Revote and instructions for applying for an absentee ballot were mailed to all residents of the District on July 7th, 2020  Click here to view the postcard sent to FE residents.

Individuals that qualify for an absentee ballot should follow the directions on the mailed postcard (Click here to view the postcard sent to FE residents).  It is important to note that absentee ballots will not be automatically sent to voters, nor do all voters that apply automatically qualify for an absentee ballot.  Voters must complete and return an absentee ballot application (Click here for the absentee ballot request form) to the school at least seven (7) days prior to the election if requesting the ballot be mailed to them, and at least one (1) day prior if the ballot will be picked up personally by the voter or their designee.  Absentee Ballot Applications must include the signature of the voter and can be dropped off at the school office, returned by standard mail or by emailing it to tbessette@fortedward.org.

Click here to watch the live ballot counting Starting at 8PM
Join with Google Meet meet.google.com/hhj-chse-hje
Join by phone +1 470-285-4417 (PIN: 444904473)