Attendance Policy for Grades 7-12

Grades 7 through 12

Regular attendance is a necessary requirement in the learning process. This attendance policy calls attention to student absence when it occurs and enables the family and the district to cooperate in helping the student succeed. In order to promote and encourage regular attendance, credit for completion of all classes will be based, in part, on attendance with the following criteria:

  1. A student who is absent from any class other than for Band or Chorus in excess of 20 class periods for a 40-week course, or 10 class periods for a 20-week course, shall lose all credit for that course of study.
  2. If a student and his/her parents believe that extenuating circumstances were involved in a specific set of legal absences, they may petition the appropriate building principal for review. Then, if unsatisfied, an appeal may be made to the Superintendent of Schools for further deliberation and examination.
  3. Any first year BOCES student who misses 20 days or more of BOCES classes will not be allowed to return for his or her second year of study.