Guidance Office

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Mrs. Deborah LeBarron is our Elementary School Guidance Counselor If you would like to contact her, please call518-747-4529 ext. 3116 or email at [email protected]

Mrs. LeBarron is available to address the personal, social, emotional,  and academic needs for all students Pre K - 5.

The counselor works as a team with students, parents, teachers and community members to provide a safe and positive learning environment.

Some of the roles of the counselor include:

•  Providing individual and group counseling dealing with topics such as

self confidence, family issues, peer relationships, 
academic skills and peer mediation.

•  Providing consultation to parents, teachers, administrators and other colleagues concerning the personal and academic success of all students.

•  Communicating and exchanging information, and making referrals to community agencies concerning children's safety and welfare.

•  Providing prevention and crisis intervention to students as needed

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Counselor plays in a successful student's educational experience,
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