Washington County Internet Survey

Washington County Internet Survey
Posted on 06/03/2021
Community Members,
Washington County would like us to share the information below with you.
If you have internet, don't have internet, are a residence or home-based business, Take the survey! Help your friends and neighbors who do not have access by helping them with the survey. We can also help to assist residents without service who call the County Planning office at 746-2290. We will make paper copies of a shortened survey available to those who prefer. Just email us at [email protected] or call 518-746-2290.
If you have internet, make sure you take the survey at home as we will conduct a speed test to measure the adequacy of your service. This will inform us of areas that need improved service. If you do not have internet at home the survey can also be accessed by a cell phone or another computer - but do not take the speed test if the survey is completed on any device other than your home computer.
The information we collect will be used to advocate for additional state and federal funding to increase coverage and improve networks across the county. Everyone should be able to participate in the connected world!