Welcome Back Letter 2021

Welcome Back Letter and COVID-19 Update
Posted on 08/06/2021
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Fort Edward School Families:
As you may be aware, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an updated guidance document that includes recommendations for the daily operation of K-12 schools. The CDC is recommending that masks should be worn by all individuals at all times within the school building, regardless of the individual's vaccination status. At this time the New York State department of Health has not provided any guidance for schools.  Therefore, the only guidance we have is that of the CDC.  We have been told the State is reviewing the CDC recommendations, and that State guidance which could potentially be more restricting than the guidance from the CDC can be issued in the very near future allowing us time to adjust and properly prepare for a full reopening in the fall.

In the absence of any NYSDOH guidance, local county department of health officials, BOCES leaders, and school superintendents have been meeting weekly to develop a regional plan on best practices for a safe opening. It includes following the CDC recommendation to reduce the social distancing in the classrooms from 6 feet to 3 feet, this will allow us at Fort Edward to return to full in-person instructional environment in September.

There are still numerous questions regarding cafeteria protocols and athletics.  Be assured that County, BOCES and Adirondack League workgroups are working as hard as possible to establish safe and reasonable plans to allow children and families to return in September to a more traditional school experience. We also continue to request from the state their official guidance in order to provide our communities with the most accurate information possible.

Our main goal as we work through reopening the Fort Edward Union Free School District for September 2021 is to bring all of our students, faculty, and staff back to a safe learning environment. and to provide our students the full in-person instructional experience they deserve. 

I look forward to working with all to make the 2021-22 school year a positive and worthwhile experience for all engaged in our school community.


Mark Bessen
Interim Superintendent of Schools