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WSWHE BOCES Counseling Website
Child Counseling Tips For Parents (Posted 3/31/20)
WMHT Home Classroom (Posted 3/24/2020)
Social-Emotional Learning Resources (Posted 3/19/20)
WSWHE BOCES Parent Toolkit (Posted4/23/20)

District Publications

2019-2020 Publications
School Closure Update 2/27/2020
COVID-19 Virus Public Message (3/8/20)
Letter from the Superintendent (Posted 3/14/20)|
School Closure Information 3/16/2020
Breakfast and Lunch Community Survey (Posted 3/16/20)
Technology Access Survey (Posted 3/17/20)
Childcare Needs for Essential Healthcare Workers (Posted 3/19/20)
Public Health Message (Posted 3/19/20)
BOE Online Meeting Instructions (Posted 3/24/20)
Continued School Closing Until April 29 (Posted 4/8/20)
Letter from the Superintendent (Posted 4/13/20)
Quarter 4 Letter to Parents from Mrs. Jones (Posted 4/20/20)

2020-2021 Publications 
District Reopening Plan Information
Parent Drop-off and Pickup Instructions (Posted 9/12/20)
Student Health Screening Information (Posted 9/12/20)
Fall Sports Announcement (Posted 9/17/20)
Superintendent Letter - School Closure Procedure (Posted 9/18/20)
Superintendent Letter - Parent Pickup / Health Requirements (Posted 9/22/20)
School Closure - (Posted 10/7/2020)
School Closure  Extended - (Posted 10/9/2020)
October Remote Learner Update (Posted 10/27/20)
Superintendent Letter - COVID-19 Testing Requirements (Posted 11/20/20)
Elementary School Remote Learning Update (Posted 11/24/20)
Elementary School Closure - Switch to Remote Learning (Posted 12/4/20)
COVID-19 Testing Requirements Letter (Posted 12/21/20)
COVID-19 Testing FAQ's (Posted 12/21/20)
Parent / Guardian Covid Testing Consent Form (Posted 12/21/20)
School Closure Letter (Posted 1/10/21)
School Reopening Letter (Posted 1/13/21)
Letter from the Superintendent (Posted 1/21/21)
NYS COVID-19 Helpline Information (Posted 1/25/21)
Superintendent Letter - K-5 Remote Learning Dates Extended (2/12/21)
Washington County Higher-Risk Sports Acknowledgement Form (Posted 2/22/21)
Washington County NYSPHSAA - Fort Edward Preparedness Plan (Posted 2/22/21)
ADK League No Spectator Memo (Posted 2/22/21)
ADK League No Media Memo (Posted 2/22/21)
Elementary School Virtual Wednesday's Extended Through May 19,2021 (Posted 3/17/21)
UPK Registration (Posted 4/15/2021)
Letter from the Superintendent COVID-19 Update (Posted 4/14/2021)

2021-2022 School Year


Welcome Back Letter / COVID Information (Posted 8/6/2021)
2021-2022 District Reopening Plan  (Posted 8/19/2021)
COVID-19 Update (Posted 12/30/2021)
District COVID Testing Update (Posted 1/5/2022)
FE UFSD Covid Quarantine and Isolation Update (Posted 1/12/2022)
Home COVID Test Available for Order Online (Posted 1/19/2022)
COVID Isolation Protocol Update (Posted 1/19/2022)
Improve how the mask fits you - CDC (Posted 1/21/2022)
Mask Policy Update (Posted 1/25/2022)
Masking Update 2-27-22 (Posted 2/27/2022)
District Covid Updated (3/2/2022)
Fort Edward School Ends Daily Health Screening (Posted 3/25/2022)

NYS Fort Edward School COVID-19 Report Card