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Fort Edward School Starts Unified Sports Program

Fort Edward School Start Unified Sports Program

Fort Edward School

The Fort Edward School is proud to announce a new program for our students. We have formed a Unified Bowling Team and registration has opened for students. Any student grades 7-12 with an IEP is eligible to join. This is a 6-week time commitment, approximately 2-3 days a week.  The first practice is scheduled for February 7th. Unified sports is more than a sports league—it’s a way of life. Together as teammates in every sense, Unified athletes and partners will create school communities where inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance of all students is the rule and not the exception.

Along with our Bowling program we have formed a Youth Activation Committee (YAC). This is a group of young people charged with increasing inclusive opportunities in our school and community.  Our goals are to bring awareness of Special Olympic Activities (Unified Bowling) to the entire school community and encourage the next generation to be inclusive of people with and without inclusive of individuals with disabilities and plan fun activities to support this program. Anyone is welcome! 

For more information or to join our programs, please contact the program director, Ms. Westad. (