Registration Requirements

  • New York State education law requires that the following documents be presented at the time of registration:

    1. Valid photo ID of parent/guardian in the form of a driver’s license, non-driver’s ID or original passport.
    2. Original documentation of birth, in the form of an original birth certificate, or passport. If not available, acceptable documentation includes: official driver’s license, state or other government issued identification, school photo ID with date of birth, consulate identification card, hospital or health records, military dependent identification card, documents issued by federal, state or local agencies, court orders or other court-issued documents, Native American tribal documents, or records from non-profit international aid agencies and volunteer agencies.
    3. Official immunization record and current physical.
    4. Student’s current IEP if applicable.
    5. Custody paperwork if applicable. If the student is not the biological child, documents must be presented which proves a permanent and total transfer of custody.
    6. The complete name and address of the student’s previous school. Parent/guardians in possession of academic or medical records should present them at the time of registration.
    7. Two proof of residency documents are required. These documents must include the name and address of parent or legal guardian.

    Acceptable documents include:

    • Executed Lease Agreement
    • Deed
    • Mortgage statement
    • If the above are not available, acceptable documentation includes: pay stub, income tax form, utility or other bills, membership documents based upon residency (e.g. library cards), voter registration documents, official driver’s license, learner’s permit, or non-driver ID, state or other government issued identification, or documents issued by federal, state or local agencies.

    When residency is questionable, parents will be required to complete an Affidavit of Shared Residence and/or Affidavit of Residence Landlord/Owner Statement. IMPORTANT: All decisions regarding residency are made by the Superintendent of Schools.

Sequence of Events

    1. Contact the Superintendent's Office for an appointment ( If you need assistance completing your forms, please mention this when scheduling).
    2. Forms must be printed and completed before your appointment (printed packets are also available in the lobby).
    3. Bring all required documentation, as listed above, to your appointment.
    4. Once documents are reviewed and residency is established, the request for school records will be sent to your child’s previous school.
    5. The Guidance Department will contact the parent/guardian to set an appointment to discuss start date and/or academic schedule.

Special Education Students

  • Before a student with special education needs may start, the current IEP must be received and reviewed by the director of special education. Depending on the student’s placement needs, his or her “home” school placement may change. All reasonable efforts will be made to resume the student’s education as soon as possible.

Contact Information

  • Mrs. Keaysie Ferguson
    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of School 
    518-747-4529 ext. 3113 


Registration Documents