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Positivity Project Review

Positivity Project Group Photo
Fort Edward School
Last week our school community focused on the character strength of the Other People Mindset of Knowing That My Words and Actions Affect Others. Everything that you say and do can affect others -- and your relationships with them.
Here are two P2 Spotlight Stories from last week:
Last week in Mrs. Markham's math class students participated in a step-forward activity. This activity allowed others to have insight into other people's life struggles and obstacles that they have faced. She added that to last week's Positivity Project because she wanted them to learn that we sometimes judge others without truly knowing what others are facing; students became emotional and really came together. Students anonymously wrote positive things about each person to help them in those "hard' days.
Students in grades 9-12 attended the assembly, "Hang up and Drive: The Jacy Good Story". This was the perfect real world connection to the OPM of Knowing That My Words and Actions Affect Others. Students were very moved by her story. “Hang up and Drive” is the program presented by the husband and wife team, Steve Johnson and Jacy Good. Johnson and Good became public speakers and advocates for phone-free roads after an automobile crash that claimed the lives of Jacy’s parents and left her partially paralyzed. The crash was caused by a distracted driver and through Jacy’s miraculous recovery, the couple has dedicated themselves to educating the country about the dangers of phone use behind the wheel, speaking at over 1,500 events in 43 states and 3 countries.
This week our school community will be focusing on the character strength of Bravery. Bravery means you act with mental, moral, or physical strength even when you know things are difficult or scary.